Boston Parking Perils

Boston Parking Perils

If there is one thing in Boston you need to be extremely wary of it is the threat of having your car towed for parking illegally. There are a number of places and lots that you can look at and choose from that will be able to allow you to go and need what you have to do. However, that is not that case for all elements of the city. In certain parts there are trucks that will lie in wait for you to get out of your car and to go and visit somewhere that is not associated with the lot.


Usually, if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. This has happened in Boston many times to unsuspecting people. In an area where more than 90,000 cars are towed each year, you can understand why people suddenly are very worried about what they can or cannot do.

In some areas it has been reported that the towing companies will actually lie in wait to see if you are using the parking lot for access to another destination. This has been shown to be true in the Allston Strip Mall. Here there are about 68 parking spaces and only two shops. However, they are patrolled by Robert’s towing. If you happen to park there and then you are using the lot for other reasons and not to go to those two shops, then you are likely to get towed.

This is not just something that is a quick trip and can be resolved easily either. This comes at a cost of $131 per tow. Making some speculate just how lawful and honest that this is. This can be extremely sensitive if the driver tows you and you were in the shops, but they made an error. So, watch what you do and make sure you check the trespassing rules before you put it in park.