Boston's Sox Rebuilding as Revenue Is Up

Boston's Sox Rebuilding as Revenue Is Up

The Boston Sox are talking about change, both to the coaching staff and to the team roster, with some even talking about the rebuild of Wrigley's, too. However, an interesting story that you should know about is the increase in revenue the Red Sox are seeing. In fact, in the last nine years, the Boston Red Sox increased their revenue by some $45 million by simply using two streets. The city charges a small fee, just $186,000 a year to lease the access to the streets.

What Does This Mean

If you've been down to the Red Sox stadium, you know that Yawkey Way is closed off during every home game. This is where the loyal fans go to congregate, celebrate and, of course, pay for their love of the team through the purchase of millions of dollars in concessions. All of this happens right outside the stadium before you even enter the park.

Then, there is Lansdowne Street. Here, the team has turned the air rights into some 269 seats and 100 standing room spots at the top of Green Monster. These expensive seats generate a nice income and revenue for the team as well.

So, What's the Problem?

When considering how much fun a typical Red Sox game can be, you may not be thinking about what the harm is. However, the controversy is centered on the fact that the city never took into account just how much revenue the team would generate from these streets and, if they did, it could have meant a far bigger junk to a city that could definitely use the influx of funds. What is your take on whether or not the Sox took advantage of the city or if changes should be made?