What's Going On in Boston?

What's Going On in Boston?

"What fun activities are you participating in this weekend in Boston?"

Boston has plenty of fun attractions for out of town visitors but locals also want to take part in the action. There are some outstanding events happening over the next few days that anyone in the city should take a part in. You may find yourself laughing away the day or enjoying a beautiful display of entertainment. What do you plan to do this week?

Activities in Boston

On Saturday, head to The Estate. There, you'll find Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block fame hosting the Dancing for Hope event. You can get tickets at the DancingForHope.net site. The funds raised will be donated to St. Mary's.

If you are after some comedy, head out to Dan Kelly's Comedy Showcase taking place at Dick's Beantown Comedy Vault. It happens on February 7th and 8:30.

You can catch the Boston Ballet in town this week, too. The organization will be putting on a show of Simply Sublime on Thursday at 7pm. It is taking place at the Boston Opera House.

In addition, there are numerous big shows coming to the Boston area in the coming weeks and months. That includes The Gang, Les Miserables and Van Halen. That's just a few of the acts coming to the area that you will want to buy tickets for in advance.

What fun activities are you participating in this weekend in Boston? You may already have seen some of the performances listed here. What are your recommendations for those who may not have yet been able to check them out?