Where Does Boston Rank Really?

Where Does Boston Rank Really?


The Boston Globe recently published a list of how the city of Boston rates. The range is a fun way to see what people think about the city and about the whole region. For those who live here, it is also nice to see where your city sits in the ranks of so many others in the country. What does Boston have that others don't? Is the city really one of the best on the East Coast?

According to the Zipcar Inc survey, the city of Boston is considered the third most innovative city in the country, coming right in behind Atlanta and Pittsburgh. Would you consider Boston to be innovative?

The BBC also offered a ranking for the city. According to the QS Top Universities list by the agency, Boston was again number three, this time in the world, for top the cities that students choose. The other two ahead of Boston included Paris and London. That is nothing to shy away from!

In terms of social health, another survey was conducted this time by the Central Connecticut State University. It compared things like library resources, newspaper circulation, and further indicators of a city's literacy rate. The city of Boston ranked number five on the list. It fell behind the cities of Washington DC, Seattle, Minneapolis and Atlanta on that particular survey.

On the other hand, a study by Travel and Leisure says that most visitors do not like how much Boston gloats about its championship sports teams. What do you think of these rankings?