Boston City New Year's Events


When it comes to Boston and New Year's Eve, there is plenty to do in the city and the surrounding area. In Beverly, in the North of Boston, you can check out the annual New Year’s Eve comedy event happening at the Hastings House. You will love the fun comedy of Jimmy Dunn, a native to the area. However, there are plenty of other things you can do in Boston as well.

In North Andover, the New Years Eve Extravaganza happening at the China Blossom location is another comedy event you will want to take in if you want a great meal to go along with it. The location is serving visitors an all you can eat buffet of Asian favorites.

Rockport is the place to be for many this holiday season. If that is the case for you, check out Rockport Eve. This will be the 15th year that the event is happening. You will see more than three dozen performers taking the stages throughout the downtown area. This family friendly event is the perfect way to start the holidays here.

For some music fun, check out the New  Year's Eve Bash happening at the Blue Ocean Music Hall. Show up with tickets at 9 for the 90 minute show. There is also a dinner buffet available.

What are your plans for the holiday? For those who are Boston natives, there is no doubt you know about the local traditions. This year, take in a show and make it something special. You will enjoy the experience that much more. 

Boston - City Ready for Basketball

With the delay in the start of the National Basketball Association's season, Boston Celtics fans are eagerly awaiting their first game. The first scrimmage will happen on Friday as everyone prepares for the start of the season on Christmas Day. Doc Rivers announced the scrimmage will be open to some fans, too.

Getting a Glimpse

What does the Boston Celtics season hold? Season ticket holders will be the first to find out what is happening when they attend the scrimmage on Friday and later in the evening. Both will be held at TD Garden.  The arena is ready to go and fans are ready to see some action. The event starts with practice at 10 am followed by a game at 6. The two-hour game is sure to give fans at least a glimpse at the team.

One of the biggest things fans will be looking for is information on Jeff Green. At the time of this writing, he was still being held out of practice with the team due to a failure of his physical. It is not clear why he failed, but he did re-sign with the team prior to the physical being conducted. During Thursday's practice, both Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge failed to provide any additional information about the player, leaving many to wonder about his ailment. They did note that the results of his physical were in and that a discussion will happen on Friday.

This does worry fans, since both Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce have also been held out of practice. The season starts on Christmas Day when the Celtics take on the Toronto Raptors.

Boston Parking Perils

If there is one thing in Boston you need to be extremely wary of it is the threat of having your car towed for parking illegally. There are a number of places and lots that you can look at and choose from that will be able to allow you to go and need what you have to do. However, that is not that case for all elements of the city. In certain parts there are trucks that will lie in wait for you to get out of your car and to go and visit somewhere that is not associated with the lot.


Usually, if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. This has happened in Boston many times to unsuspecting people. In an area where more than 90,000 cars are towed each year, you can understand why people suddenly are very worried about what they can or cannot do.

In some areas it has been reported that the towing companies will actually lie in wait to see if you are using the parking lot for access to another destination. This has been shown to be true in the Allston Strip Mall. Here there are about 68 parking spaces and only two shops. However, they are patrolled by Robert’s towing. If you happen to park there and then you are using the lot for other reasons and not to go to those two shops, then you are likely to get towed.

This is not just something that is a quick trip and can be resolved easily either. This comes at a cost of $131 per tow. Making some speculate just how lawful and honest that this is. This can be extremely sensitive if the driver tows you and you were in the shops, but they made an error. So, watch what you do and make sure you check the trespassing rules before you put it in park.

Boston's Sox Rebuilding as Revenue Is Up

The Boston Sox are talking about change, both to the coaching staff and to the team roster, with some even talking about the rebuild of Wrigley's, too. However, an interesting story that you should know about is the increase in revenue the Red Sox are seeing. In fact, in the last nine years, the Boston Red Sox increased their revenue by some $45 million by simply using two streets. The city charges a small fee, just $186,000 a year to lease the access to the streets.

What Does This Mean

If you've been down to the Red Sox stadium, you know that Yawkey Way is closed off during every home game. This is where the loyal fans go to congregate, celebrate and, of course, pay for their love of the team through the purchase of millions of dollars in concessions. All of this happens right outside the stadium before you even enter the park.

Then, there is Lansdowne Street. Here, the team has turned the air rights into some 269 seats and 100 standing room spots at the top of Green Monster. These expensive seats generate a nice income and revenue for the team as well.

So, What's the Problem?

When considering how much fun a typical Red Sox game can be, you may not be thinking about what the harm is. However, the controversy is centered on the fact that the city never took into account just how much revenue the team would generate from these streets and, if they did, it could have meant a far bigger junk to a city that could definitely use the influx of funds. What is your take on whether or not the Sox took advantage of the city or if changes should be made?

Shadows of Obsession

Shadows of Obsession, An erotic novel that cautions us that sometimes one touch, one taste of undulated ecstasy, or one chance encounter, is all it takes to become the object of someone's affection, or the desire to become someone's obsessional affliction

  An erotic psychological thriller that sets the heart racing, and the pulse pounding

  An intimate romance that indulges your wildest and illicit fantasies


Kevin Bacon to Present at Golden Globes

It has been reported that actor Kevin Bacon will be one out of the five new presenters at this years 2011 Golden Globe Awards which will take place Sunday, January 16. Other actors will include (but are not limited to) Robert Pattinson, Julie Bowen, Sandra Bullock, Kaley Cuoco, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Jimmy Fallon (my secret crush), Garrett Hedlund, Chris Hemsworth, LL Cool J, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Leighton Meester and Bruce Willis.

Iranian Alireza Pahlavi "Passes Himself Away"

It has been reported that Alireza Pahlavi, the younger son of the late shah of Iran has taken his own life. The story as reported by Bloomberg, indicates the time of death to be 2:11 a.m. ES on January 4th.

I find it both sad and disturbing that someone could be so depressed to take their own life, but at the same time I can understand that when you are in a state like that and you stay there for so long - you might lose your entire will to live. If this is how Alireza Pahlavi felt, I am glad that he is out of his misery and wish his family only the best for what will likely be a very difficult road ahead.

Crime Thriller

Has anyone ever heard of a book called, The Scar, written by Michael Weiner (  My friend gave me the book. It was a quick read, but I thought the story was really intense and such a good crime thriller. Does anyone know if he has written anything else?

TWOFR: Subatomic Sound System x DJ Logic

Subatomic Sound System

On All Frequencies

(Modus Vivendi Music, 2008)

Groups that champion dub and sound system lore of past times can’t always deliver what is expected. SSS, though, brings about enough of an authentic dancehall taste to quench whatever desires a listener may work up. The title track and lead off number hints at what may come. Good minimalist dub style, with the requisite space noises and random chatter begins On All Frequencies. However, the next two tracks feature the young ladies of the collective showcased in more club oriented settings. Not to say that “Criminal” is a booty track, but there is a darkly lit club with over priced beverages waiting to play that song at a moment’s notice. Treasure Don makes a few appearances, usually accompanied by a clavichord sound that ends up passing the track from mediocre to rather good. The rootsier cuts as well as dancehall numbers push this release forward with “Troddin’ Along” easily standing out from the rest. King Django has made a career for himself imitating his heroes. And here he does so in fine fashion. Unfortunately, the song appeared in a similar form on a Jump-Up Records compilation a year or two back. So, don’t rush out and find this album, but if you come upon the group performing in NYC, you better check your credit before buying a drink.

DJ Logic

Zen of Logic

(Ropeadope, 2006)

When you’re heralded as one of the greatest DJ’s of your generation, expectations are usually ridiculously high for each new release that you create.  And that’s how it should be.  Otherwise there would be a bit less pressure to produce something new or at least solid.  DJ Logic, I’m sure has mulled all of this over and as a result has given us Zen of Logic on the venerable Ropeadope label.  Quickly, this is not a ground breaking album, but I can’t say that  I expected something on this disc to change my life.  What we do find on this album is Medeski contributing innumerable key lines, Charlie Hunter helping out and Antibalas cranking out a far flung funk jam.  While all of this is well and good, this is not going to change hip-hop as a genre.  But who expects that every time out?  A number of fast paced funk tracks fuel the album as it moves along towards “Holding Down”, which sounds the most complex, layered as well as constructed track on the album, with Medeski taking a prominent role in the creation of the track.  Some Jamaican patois and vocal samples are tossed together in only the way Logic can, combining disparate genres and creating a solid album.  More often than not, new albums from kingpins, in any genre, are not breath-taking, but simply consummate examples of a specific music.

TWOFR: DJ Eleven x Rob Sonic

DJ Eleven

Best of the Bay

(Wax Poetics, 200x)

Being from a specific place and time is as influential as any other factor that works towards developing a talent.  In the case of DJ Eleven, founder of the Local 1200 Crew, the major metropolitan area of the Bay formed his musical likes and dislikes.  On this mix, Eleven pays tribute to those that made him the way that he is as well as those that are still influencing his taste. Inconsistent levels contribute to making this album occasionally difficult to listen to. But what’s in-fact more distracting are the selections on this double mix album.  Understandably, everything that has come from the Bay in the last decade, Eleven has had some connection to.  That’s to be expected, especially if your job is hip-hop.  However, going from Latyrx to E-40 is a bit jarring.  The resume of DJ Eleven clearly speaks for itself as he is at the forefront of spinning hip-hop parties on both coasts, but creating a mix that flows is a bit different than rocking a party.  If someone’s jamming this disc in a car the crowd reaction is no longer a factor. And while it is interesting that he is equally influenced by E-40 and Too $hort as he is by Hieroglyphics, those three approach the game of hip-hop differently. Of course, this mix could become your favorite new disc if all these tracks are past favs, but for those listeners that subscribe to only cerebral styles or more gritty types of hip-hop, this may be a confusing listen.

Rob Sonic


(Def Jux, 2004)

Without question the importance of Def Jux will only be fully felt in years to come.  But truthfully, label boss El-P needs to be a little bit more particular about what is released with the labels’ imprint on it.  Obviously, RJD2 and Cannibal Ox are not going to be equaled any time soon, but there have been a few lackluster outings from the label.  Fortunately, Rob Sonic is not one of those lackluster outings.  I refuse to say that this is groundbreaking genius, but at the same time I will say that from the instant this slab began, it was plain ol’ good.  While Sonic maybe an intimidating white gentlemen emblazoned across track after track is more rhythm than melody, which can be said to have been lacking in many hip-hop offerings since the end of the daisy age.  Even if the drums maintain a similar pace throughout and sound undeniably electronically produced, they make the album and Sonic himself sound close to masterful.  Telicatessen touches on a number of topics, but returns consistently to the claustrophobic nature of living on an overpopulated tiny island.  Electric guitar on “Strange Hammer” begins the event that is this slab and continues with some quick keyboard maneuvers on “Super Ball”.  Transitions on albums like this are key and a seamless shift between “Dyslexia” and “Riot Ender” is impressive.  Reminiscent of MF Doom “Macomb’s Dam Bridge” ends the album (save the hidden track).  And if nothing else, the listener can revel in the fact that Mr. Sonic loves his mother.