July 2008


Hi everyone, I'm 28 years old and I'm looking for friends to go out with, to have fun. Are there any girls out there who like to go to bars and clubs and who are looking for friends?

A Good Hair Cut

What's up room. Here's the deal I am new to the boston are I live in somerville. I need to know where a good barber shop is for black people. All I need is an even all around cut with a taper. If you have any idea where I can get a good hair cut let me know.

cool locations in New England

I am planning to do some filming in the Boston/New England area during this spring. I'm looking for locations where the natural landscape and civilization/humanity interact in an explicit way (for instance, a wide shot of 495, the highways cutting through the hills, the Microsoft building on 128, Route 3). This is such a random inquiry, but does anyone have a spot where they might have noticed this kind of thing going on?