December 2008

Heroism in Boston

When I was a kid, Jack Tatum played FS/HH (free safety / headhunter) for the Oakland Raiders. In his book, They Call Me Assassin, he explained exactly what it is like to ... ?, well, take out a #2 pencil and a clean sheet of paper, kiddies. Tatum explained what it feels like to:
1) Run 100 yards in 10.0 seconds while wearing the muscled overlayer of a Mr.

Randy Moss

My son has every jersey Moss ever played in, I think, home and road … :- ) After Moss’ 175 yards (or whatever) in the 2007 opener for the Patriots, we were listening to John Clayton on the radio. Clayton may be the best-prepared sportswriter I have ever listened to.  Love the guy.  He is what a sportswriter should be. But.  Clayton was asked about Moss’ chances to have a renaissance in New England and he’s like, “forget it. I watched that game and he is slow. They’ll adjust next week and that will be the end of it.” John (my son) and I just about fell out of our chairs.

The Boston Brand

I don't know to what extent Bostonians pay attention to Tom Scholz these days. Can tell you this much, though, writing from Seattle: Tom Scholz and Brad Delp have been a big part of the Boston city "Brand." My impression of the city, having never been there?, is that if you took New York, made it brainier and less self-assertive, that you'd get the city of Boston. If New York is Jim Kirk, Boston is Jean-Luc Picard.

What would Brainiac v. 5.2 think if he had a guitar in his hand?

Regarding our opinion that rock is a completely different genre, when it is motivated by intelligence, as opposed to being built with a faux-macho attitude as its basis... The story goes that when Johnny Carson first watched Jay Leno's standup routine, he told Leno, "you don't have an act.  You have an attitude."  (Believe it or not, the very young Leno presented himself as an angry, disgusted consumer with a gruff rebuke for everybody within reach.)  Leno realized that Johnny was right, and gave up the shtick, and went abou