December 2011

Boston Things to Do New Year's Weekend


As 2011 fades and 2012 rolls in, Boston city residents will find ample things to do and experience throughout the city. If you are looking for a way to spend your New Years Eve or even New Years Day, the city offers a range of fun and interesting events worth exploring. It is up to you to choose the event that is going to provide you with the most enjoyment.

First Night Boston

The biggest celebration in the area is First Night Boston. It is the 36th year that the event will take place. This event offers visitors a cultural experience that includes more than just fireworks and drinking. You will get to see international short files, participate in tap dancing, experience anime and many other elements.

FedEx Family Festival

Boston Parking Perils

If there is one thing in Boston you need to be extremely wary of it is the threat of having your car towed for parking illegally. There are a number of places and lots that you can look at and choose from that will be able to allow you to go and need what you have to do. However, that is not that case for all elements of the city. In certain parts there are trucks that will lie in wait for you to get out of your car and to go and visit somewhere that is not associated with the lot.